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The California State University's 23 campuses have a significant impact in their local communities, in the region, and statewide. Each year, the CSU's campuses provide tens of thousands of job-ready graduates for California's workforce who lead the state's industries, providing new ideas and innovations that fuel California's economy. Moreover, the CSU's campuses have a deep commitment to enriching the experiences of their students and improving the quality of life in the surrounding communities and regions. As integral partners in communities across the state, CSU campuses offer Californians the benefit of an outstanding spectrum of programs and services. Celebrated nationally for its commitment to diversity, inclusion and excellence, the California State University is a stalwart advocate for student achievement, irrespective of background. Even so, students from underserved communities continue to graduate from college at a lower rate than their peers. Half of CSU undergraduates from underserved communities graduate within six years. A system as inclusive as the CSU—in which more than 65 percent of first-time full- time freshmen are students of color and 49 percent receive need-based Pell grants—must strive to achieve both inclusivity and excellence.  - CSU Impact on California -
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