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University of Redlands “The University of Redlands is a private, independent liberal arts university committed to providing a personalized education that frees students to make enlightened choices. Redlands emphasizes academic rigor, curricular diversity and innovative teaching. Redlands fosters a community of scholars and encourages a pluralistic notion of values by challenging assumptions and stereotypes in both classes and activities. A Redlands education goes beyond training to embrace a reflective understanding of our world; it proceeds from information to insight, from knowledge to meaning.  ” - University of Redlands -
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At a glance: Accept IGETC: TBD Accept CSU GE: TBD AA Required: TBD Accept AP: TBD Accept CLEP: TBD Minimum Units to apply: 24 semester units Maximum Units accepted: 66 semester units                                                    Articulation w SBCC: Yes - Articulation Agreement Religious Affiliation: None