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Chapman University Our diverse student body combined with our small classes make it possible for you to connect across borders and backgrounds, opening your experience to different cultures and ways of viewing the world. We emphasize the interdisciplinary study of the arts and sciences as well as professional programs, giving both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to become multidimensional, original thinkers—the kind of people who flourish in a challenging world. Not only do we strive to connect academic areas of inquiry through interdisciplinary study, we also work to connect students to faculty and the University to the community, so that your education is personal, relevant and engaged in the larger world. ” - Chapman University
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At a glance: Accept IGETC: Yes - full certification prior to enrollment Accept CSU GE: Yes - full certification prior to enrollment AA Required: No Accept AP: Yes Accept CLEP: Case by case limited Minimum Units to apply: 24 semester units Maximum Units accepted: 70 semester units                                                Articulation w SBCC: Transfer Course Equivalences Religious Affiliation: None